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Groom’s Horses call for Bharat Bandh

12, Nov 2012 By bhatiakshay

The Confederation of All India Groom’s Horses (CAIGH) has called for a nation-wide 2-week bandh with immediate effect as a mark of protest against the statement in which Yashwant Sinha compared Rahul Gandhi to a horse which carries the groom to his wedding.

“The CAIGH and Bhartiya Shaadi Horse Mandal have called for a Bharat Bandh starting today, in which majority of Groom’s horses across the country would participate,” CAIGH Secretary General Shri Yuva Horse said here today.

A Groom's Horse
A groom’s horse that appears like Rahul Gandhi to a BJP leader

“We want the senior leader to roll-back the obnoxious statement as it would adversely impact the morale of the horses.”

Further, the Horse Federation said it has also appealed to various youth oriented parties to extend their support to the Bandh call. Horses will also meet union horse leaders of various states to garner their support for the movement,” Shri Yuva Horse said.

Further, he said, that the senior BJP leader even did not consult the horses and other stakeholders of shaadi before making such a comparison.

Horses and opposition parties had said that such a statement would lead to loss of jobs for lakhs of horses across India.

“Till now, there used to be a national level exam to become a shaadi wala horse. After such a statement and that too from such a respected leader like Mr Sinha,do you think that the same level of interest will remain among young Horses?? ” one old white Horse said.

The confederation claimed it has a membership of over five crore Horses across India. All marriages will give a deserted look for 2 weeks. Besides this, horses will also formulate their future strategy to protest against the statement, they added.

This call for Bandh has evoked mixed response from all quarters.

While the call was hailed by youth leaders like Shared Power (of cricket fame) & other talented people like Rohit Sharma Ji, Piyush Chawla Ji, and Ravinder Jadeja Ji, it has also caused disappointment among many.

A Shaadi wala Horse of Idea’s Sir Jee said, “I believe that this call will have an adverse effect on the careers of many aspiring horses. I still remember how after Idea’s Sir jee marriage, I was in huge demand among all the Hindi news channels since I had carried genius actor on my back. Now there will be no such live interviews on TV. Now how to feel important on TV? Being a horse, I can neither give some nonsense interview nor I can tweet my non-sense opinions”.

Digvijay singh is still to issue press statement on the same.