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Granny marathon winner creates history, all parties claim they are behind it

20, Dec 2013 By Prasad NP

Baramati: Every party is claiming to be behind the spectacular win of 61 year old Lata Bhagwan Kare who recently participated in a marathon in Baramati, the stronghold of Mr. Sharad Pawar and won beating all other participants.

Lata Bhagwan Kare

Her win has been claimed as historic by one and all and everybody wants to know the secret of her success. In an interview that never happened, Mrs. Kare mentioned that she has run a marathon for the first time and that too bare foot. She mentioned that she would like to win more races and prove that one does not need expensive shoes or diet to win a race. She is being hailed as the modern P. T. Usha.

Commenting on her success Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar mentioned that he is not surprised by the win of Mrs. Kale as she is from his stronghold of Baramati and has been running around to get work and water for her fields. His nephew claimed this is all because of our policies of making common people run around from pillar to post that has made Lata Bai so strong that she was able to win the marathon.

BJP on the other hand has pooh poohed the claims of NCP and said that the whole country is behind Narendra Modi and Mrs Kale feels that her energy has returned and she has a renewed hope about her as well as the future of nation.

On the other hand Rahul Baba mentioned that it is all because of the rural employment guarantee scheme of congress party that has energized the old lady.  Not only now she is employed full time most of the year but our food security bill has provided her cheap food which led her to feed her self and her family, we are pretty sure next time she will run with her whole family. He also claimed that it was during his last rally that Mrs. Kale first ran. ” The moment I opened my mouth, she was so inspired that she ran away to vote for Congress, and look where she has reached with all that running.”

Not to be left behind  Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav who dreams to be Prime Minister of this country just like Shri L.K. Advani mentioned that it is all because of his opposition of all things foreign and English.

“I strongly believe that all English things are the reason for moral bankruptcy of this country. We should throw away English and all things that came from England like Elections from this country, ” Mr. Yadav thundered.  We can decide the election result and who will be PM just on the basis of a wrestling match or a Marathon, this will save the country Crores of rupees.

We would like to mention here that Mr. Yadav is a former wrestler who dreams of wrestling the PM Chair one of these days.

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