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Govt to promote gay marriages in order to bring religious extremists together: Sources

26, Jun 2015 By Akash

New Delhi. It’s very difficult for any of us to imagine that extremists organizations like VHP, Trust God Missionaries,  Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind etc. can come together with support of each other. They always had a contrary views on each others religious practices. So to bring peace and harmony between them is still a distant dream.

But if sources are to be trusted Government has devised a technique to bring all such extremists across religions together for a common cause. A big leader from NDA talked to us on condition of anonymity and revealed this new method of government.

These parades not only bring these people together, but also those who hate them.
These parades not only bring these people together, but also those who hate them.

He said, “We have been trying hard to bring peace among such outfits for quite long. But some way or other we have not tasted the success yet. Bizarre comments from such organisation leaders in recent past has worsened the relations between them.”

He continued, “But now finally we have found something on which all these organisations has same view point and they can do anything for this cause of theirs.”

On our further pressing he revealed this point and said that government is going to promote Gay marriages and LGBT rights in full fledged way.

He said, “It’s not a hidden fact that these outfits firmly oppose gay marriages and LGBT rights. Once we start promoting them they all will come together to oppose that and this may forge a new bridge of bonding between them.”

He also told us that government is planning to promote this issues in a scale equivalent to International Yoga Day, Make in India, and Swacchh Bharat.

When questioned whether the government actually promote this or its just a gamble to bring peace, he said, “Look I can’t reveal that as of now. You will get to know soon about it.”

Though he told that Government may hold Gay Marriages on Rajpath and may invite all of them to a dinner with Prime Minister Modi. It’s also said Congress may oppose this move by the NDA on the grounds of cheating with religious outfits.