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Govt introduces improved Lokpal bill but SP remains opposed

16, Dec 2013 By ajmer

Another Cabinet Meeting:

Sibal: We had put up this new improved Lokpal bill. MMS: You dont have the moral right to put up anything, madam, last time he brought the bill to make tainted politicians safe, and Raul baba called it nonsense, i will table it. Shinde: You table , he tables, first raul baba threw it our, not SP threw it out. MMS: Why did SP throw it out ? Moily: I dont know, maybe they want safeguards for minorities. Sibal: What safeguards, we are the most secular party in india, in fact the world, we know better compared to these goondas. MMS: They are our allies, if you call them goondas, then we are also goondas. Moily: And DMK does not want to be goonda anymore. Madam: What is goonda, is it a good thing ? Khurshid: Madam, gooda means… like robin hood, they rob one, but not necessarily the rich, they rob anyone and take it themselves. Madam: That is like they can rob anybody. Anthony: More or less what we did in these two terms. MMS: See madam, what he is saying, becoz of people like him, the AAP party has the highest membership in Kerala. Anthony: Who says that ? MMS: The AAP party, themselves. Anthony: They are leftists, Marxists and pro naxal, madam, if we pass this Lokpal bill we will be able to pull the carpet from under them. Shinde: hardly, SP is making sure , we pass time, nothing else. Madam: We should do something, i heard that if there is reelection in Delhi, we will lose even the 8 seats we won. MMS: I told madam, this secret. Moily: Thats no secret, everybody knows that, even our MLAs who have won are ready to support AAP and even BJP to stay in power. Madam: How can we be seen supporting BJP? Moily: The alternate is being wiped out and that is no rosy picture. Khurshid: Its nonsense, madam, leave the Lokpal, order reelections in Delhi, we will win with a thumping majority. MMS: What about Anna? Khurshid: What about him, he is the responsibility of the AAP party, not us, he is against us. MMS: If he gets sick or something? I mean , cant we rush this bill thru anyhow? Madam: What if his health deteriorates? Moily: People will blame us, the AAP party will be after our blood. Shinde: But he does not like them, they are power hungry people. Khurshid: Anna should be in Dehli,celebrating becoz AAP won, not sitting on a fast against us, we lost heavily, cant someone tell him this? Apni to badluck hi kharab hai. Sibal: Why does he not understand? Here we are like a cornered animal and everybody is beating us. Khurshid: Look on the bright side , they are beating us with brooms, if they had used sticks , we would be killed. Anthony: We will be killed in 2014, anyway. Khurshid: Thats a every pessimistic attitude you have, madam, pass this bill and remove the pressure of AAP and Anna in one go. Madam: What about SP? They just wont allow it. MMS: Pass it as an ordinance, or anything.