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Govt announces a new shooting school near Rashtrapati Bhavan

05, Mar 2014 By srijib

Encouraged by the recent success of our athletes in Shooting at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, the Government today announced that 22 acres of land will be set aside to create a school to encourage the sport.

An unofficial spokesperson of the Government mentioned that the complex will cost more than Rs 400 crores, but reiterated that it wont hurt the exchequer at all. It will be funded out of the Suspense Account balances of all the recent scams. The athletes will be put through extreme rigour, he said. “Participants need to keep improving their expertise and their last target will be the head of the defence forces, just like a video game”. They will have to spend nights on the terrace and wait to spot the moving target across the 340-room mansion.

Opposition members did not react well to this news. One of them complained that more such land was set-aside in Gujrat. He also mentioned that more than a decade back they had created an environment that was more suitable to the sport.

Another opposition member is heading there right now to protest. He wants the participation to be more democratic and wants every citizen in the country to have a shot at this. No pun intended.