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Government seeking advices for PM Modi's next trip online, Best advisor will accompany PM

09, Jun 2015 By farnab

New Delhi. In order to increase participation of common people in Government, PMO has decided to launch a campaign on, the citizen platform of our government. The name of the campaign will be “Sabka Saath,Saath-SaathPravaas”, under this you can give an advice for PM Modi’s next destination for ‘Foreign Tour’ and if Government likes your advice you can accompany PM Modi on his next foreign trip to the destination you suggested,

Opposition parties and also some people on social networking sites are constantly questioning about Modi’s foreign trips, so in order to answer all questions, Government will launch this scheme. The PMO spokesperson yesterday said that, “PM Modi Ji is very emotional about the youth of this country, who feel ashamed to be born in India, so he decided that he will give chance to some people to travel  foreign destinations and feel proud. Despite being a woman if any female will give good advice, she will also be a part of Modi’s next foreign visits.”

Leader Of Opposition, Mallikarjun Kharge is not happy with this decision, he said, “If PM would have launched this scheme few months before, Rahul Ji would have accompanied him and the money on his vacations would have been saved for the ‘security’ in upcoming Bihar Elections.”

But youth of our country is very excited. Kishore,a 24 year old boy from Delhi wants to go to Bahamas with PM also Yeshwant from Bombay said that he will go Thailand with PM and will get some ‘Massage’ on Diplomatic Discount. Kaajal , an Engineering Student from Jodhpur said that she will go to Paris with Modi and will have a pouted selfie with him under Eiffel Tower.

According to our secret sources, the scheme will be launch on 1 July. And the first results will be announced on 31July. The next phase of this scheme will start in September. Expecting the success of this scheme, the State Governments of many states are planning such schemes too.