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Government renames Fool's day to 'Pappu Utsav', Rahul Gandhi celebrates

03, Sep 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

After renaming Teacher’s day to Guru Utsav, Modi Government announced their plans to rename Fool’s day (April 1st) to ‘Pappu Utsav’.  The news emerged yesterday, when the government sent a press release to all Media houses.

Pappu Utsav
Pappu Utsav

Surprisingly, Rahul Gandhi was seen very happy with this announcement and arranged a Press meet today to share his views.

“Today morning, I woke up at night. I got a call from Diggi uncle (Digvijay Singh). He told me the news and congratulated. I am very happy to see a calendar day with my name (pet name) on it. I see this as a great achievement,”  said Rahul with his trademark smile on his face.

When a reporter asked him about his party’s stand on renaming fool’s day, he said, “Empowering women is the main issue. We have to open the system first.”.  The reporter tried to decode Rahul’s reply for a while before realising the question asked is just not in Rahul’s syllabus which resulted in his default meaning-less answer.

Meanwhile, in Chennai, Karunanidhi had once again slammed the government for naming Fool’s day in hindi and there by disrespecting all fools of Tamilnadu. “This is a clear domination.  Why do they name it in Hindi again? Why are they ignoring our Tamil fools?” questioned Karunanidhi.

According to our sources, Jayalalitha surprisingly agreed with Karunanidhi this time and suggested Modi to name it ‘Karunanidhi Utsav’ instead.