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Government of India aimed to force Britain to launch Quit UK movement by 2022

16, Aug 2017 By rofl gujju

London: On 8th of August 2017, Quit India movement completed 75 years and while speaking on the event in Parliament Narendra Modi proposed his vision of the “New India for the 2022” when India would complete 75 years of Independence.

Swatchh Bharat
Swatchh Bharat/ Bharat Chhodo combined

Though none form government says a word on this but sources of faking news reports that the government is going to set the policies such that the British will force to launch the Quit UK movement till 2022. Our Hindi bureau reported that भारत छोड़ो आन्दोलन से हमारा कोई लेना-देना नहीं है: माल्या और ललित मोदी ने दी सफाई in the morning, but it’s likely to be a strategic move of Govt to keep the people thinking in other way.

As per faking news sources, government is going to take heavy steps against the owners of the non performing companies.Govt hopes that they will leave India and will settle in London. Govt. projected that at least 1 lakh people going to settle in London. A country with already facing crisis of migration and voted for BREXIT going to face crisis. Goverment hopes that Common Britisher will come out form home and will launch movement for the Quit UK till 2022.

On Indian side, RBI will get enough time to count notes that returned after the demonetization till 2022 and Can initiate action against the NPA owners by the 2022 when UK forced them to return.