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Government changes numbering system to reach magic figure in Delhi Assembly

04, Sep 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

New Delhi.  Government announced some changes to numbering system which will now make them reach magic figure comfortably in Delhi Assembly.

Irani number system
Irani number system

The new numbering system designed by the HRD minister Smriti Irani is almost similar to current decimal system, except that some numbers have new values.

“We have been struggling to find a way to form government in Delhi, until Smriti Irani came up with this new solution. According to the new Irani numbering system (named after Smriti Irani), we have comfortably reached magic figure,” explained BJP spokesperson.

Smriti Irani credited her professors in Yale University for her new discovery. “I give full credit to my Yale professors who taught me Al-zebra and Al-bakra in a single class,” she said.

Congress party was seen initially opposing this new system, until they found out that the new numbering system increases their numbers in Parliament to 84 and they can qualify for Opposition leader role.

AAP on the other had, whose numbers are now down to -11 (minus 11) in Delhi Assembly is in deep shock.  All AAP leaders are in disappointment except Ashutosh who found that his 10th grade English marks are now up 200% and reached 70 mark.