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Government appoints Rahul Gandhi as the Brand Ambassador for Indian tourism

25, May 2015 By burabandar

Cutting across ideological differences, the Modi government has appointed Rahul Gandhi as the Brand Ambassador for Indian Tourism. With RaGa’s newfound passion for travelling across the country and the media attention generally reserved for it, the government hopes this move will boost the travel economy.

When asked if he was satisfied with his travelling plans.
When asked if he was satisfied with his travelling plans.

RaGa’s approval has been sought and promptly provided.

Office of RG tweeted, “Rahul Gandhi is grateful to @narendramodi for the opportunity. Rahul Gandhi hopes instead of Ambassador, he gets an SUV & general train ticket for travel.”

The PM who is on a strategic tour to boost strategic relations with Malta tweeted, “Wish @OfficeOfRG the best in his new role. When I do get to visit to India, will teach him ‘the NaMo way of taking amazing selfies’.”

Apart from the above mentioned, both the Congress & the BJP camps have taken the news with a cautious jubilation. Digvijay Singh, who just missed on beating the distance between the earth and moon with the length of his tongue remarked, “Rahul Ji forced the government to take note of all the greatness that his soul encompasses. While we welcome the honour, it is only for the fools to believe that BJP wanted to bestow it on him. Feku wants Rahul Ji to stay in the country and not pose a threat to his popularity around the globe if Rahul Ji as he used to earlier, starts vacationing again.”

Sambit ‘LOL’ Patra of the BJP stated, “Finally Pappu has got a job under MNREGA. This is Modi Ji’s greatness where he moves beyond stale meritocracy to employ otherwise unemployed people.”

A ‘never ever pleased’ Arnab Goswami will tonight test on the Nation’s patience again with the hashtag, ‘#RaGaTrippin’ on the topic.