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Google India develops ground-breaking "Political Alliance Algorithm", Shiv Sena amongst the first to buy

03, Nov 2014 By RT

Hyderabad. Google India spokesperson, in an exclusive interview to Faking News, revealed about their new ground-breaking, extremely complex and highly revolutionary Political Alliance Algorithm, customized for Indian democratic market.

“Thank you Google”

“The algorithm caters to both pre-poll alliance and post-poll alliance,” Google India confirmed.

Beleaguered Shiv Sena is amongst the first buyers of this new product from Google India.

“Within hours of announcing the new product, almost all the political parties in India have contacted us. A few of them offered to make an alliance with us or become a technology partner – which we declined,” smiled the spokesperson.

“The new Algorithm is more complex than Google search,” the spokesperson said. A hacker’s website immediately claimed to have an inside scoop on the intricate formulas used in the algorithm.

For pre-poll, number of seats demanded = number of seats demanded last time * % projected increase in vote share – criminal cases against candidates + (or) – campaign budget / overall corruption charges against the party * (or)/ wave factor * ego

For post-poll, number of ministries demanded = total ministries available / % share on total number of seats won by the alliance + number of seats short on absolute majority by biggest winner of the alliance * whims and fancies

The notable buyers’ list included several national parties and all the parties from Tamilnadu. An ADMK spokesperson beamed, “Our party has a revolutionary leader! We demand nothing less than a revolutionary product!”

In unison, all the parties have asked Google India to develop an algorithm to predict election results (or) a formula to be used for maximizing winning % on election results.

In an inimitable style, comes naturally only to Googlers, the internet giant had openly published the algorithm as a freebie for all the political parties to benefit from and for a common man to wonder about. The algorithm is as simple as E = mc^2

Election Results = Money spent * Campaign efficiency ^ 2

“You don’t have to be an Einstein to win an election in India!” the Google India spokesperson told Faking News, as a parting remark.