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Girl dumps boyfriend for not voting for Aam Aadmi Party

14, Apr 2014 By Divyanshu Chandola

New Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party has been in the news since the day it was formed.  This time, the victim of its increasing popularity among youth is Divan, an engineering student whose girlfriend, Archana reportedly dumped him because he did not vote for Aam Aadmi Party in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

“It all started when Archana asked me to set my ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’ status as ‘Vote for Aam Aadmi Party’. When I said I cannot do that, she started yelling at me saying that she would break up with me if I didn’t do so. So I not only put ‘Vote for Aam Aadmi Party’ as my status, I liked and shared photos of Aam Aadmi Party Facebook page. I even became a member of Aam Aadmi Party. But that was not enough for her. All she had to do was threaten to leave me taking advantage of the fact that I was in an Engineering college,” said a sad and a frustrated Divan.

Girl was totally shattered by boyfriend's behaviour.
Girl was totally shattered by boyfriend’s behaviour.

The biggest mistake Divan made was telling his friend Rahul that he had voted for BJP. Rahul being a friend of Archana went straight to her and spilled the beans.

“It is all Rahul’s mistake. That idiot voted for Congress because he shares name with Rahul Gandhi. It took me 5 years to get over the dreaded friend zone she had kept me in, now I would have to wait for another 5 years so I can vote for AAP next time hoping that she doesn’t fall for any of those fake AAP supporters who are just trying to impress her,” added Divan.

When we contacted Archana, she told us that she has only dumped Divan but rubbished the claims that she had left him.

“I never ran away. I have just dumped him because I don’t see a BJP supporter as my life partner. Although I can still be FRIENDS with him. But I just can’t be his girlfriend, he should rather date a Gujarati girl,” Archana said with a few coughs in between.

When we tried to convince her to accept Divan back, she said that if Divan votes for AAP in the Delhi re-elections and AAP wins with full majority, she might accept him again.