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Ghosts Association threatens to boycott the general elections

20, Mar 2014 By channichachi

Soon after the announcement of 7th list of candidates for Lok Sabha, The Ghosts Association of India(GAI) has geared up for the boycott of upcoming general elections.

“Yes, we can”

“I was among the 800 farmers who committed suicide in Gujarat & was impressed with Kejriwal’s IITian tag & muffler. I have been attending all his rallies taking the avatar of a sincere AAP worker and was beaten black & blue everywhere but never complained hoping to see my name in the candidates list. Many friends of mine have a similar story. But what we finally got – a topi!” rued a visibly upset ghost throwing his AAP cap.

Political parties have started blaming each other for the cataclysm. AAP has accused Congress for empowering only women and neglecting ghosts. Modi slurping a chai blamed Kejriwal for being an IITian. While Rahul was seen urging his mother to buy a muffler for him.

With the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airline , the EC is in no mood to take the matter lightly & has deployed the Specter’s Task Force (STF) to take the necessary action. STF has recovered some evidences that GAI has planned to join hands with Naxals for their same agenda.

Considering the gravity of the situation, the Election Commission has invited the ghosts for bilateral talks. Being friendly, ghosts have firstly demanded for Lok Sabha ticket in the next list of AAP with matching mufflers.

Secondly, free screening of the upcoming horror movies Ragini MMS II & Bhootnath II and thirdly to increase the load shedding & hold the upcoming power plants so as to enjoy blackout for longer. Lastly the President Joy Lobo, an engineering student who committed suicide has demanded a medical seat with his girlfriend.

There is a wave of happiness as all demands except the last one have been accepted by Election Commission. “Joy again tried to commit suicide,” recalled her girlfriend Natasha who gave him the moronic idea.