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Geelani wants Stone Pelting Competition instead of Zubin Mehta's Concert

07, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

Kashmir. Hugely concerned with the fact that a musical concert could paint a wrong picture of Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Distress Officer of Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has suggested organizing a Stone Pelting Competition instead.

Syed Ali Geelani
Why strings when you have stones?

“People in Kashmir need to develop skills in pelting stones rather than wasting time singing and dancing,” Geelani said, opposing today’s concert by Zubin Mehta.

Geelani had called all experienced and aspiring stone pelters from the valley to assemble and organize a Stone Pelters’ Concert. His followers and fans will throw stones in various rounds that would be named after cities of Pakistan.

“The range of stone throwing in each round will be determined by the letters of the alphabet each city’s name has,” Geelani explained.

“So what you think will it going be more popular than Zubin Mehta’s concert?” asked this Faking News reporter.

“Yes, definitely. It will be super-duper hit when compared with his pathetic concert. Stone is emotionally attached with the sentiments of the people of Kashmir. In fact, not just Kashmir, even areas like Poonch, Rajouri and recently Kishtwar,” Geelani said.

According to sources, Pakistan TV has already expressed its desire to become the official broadcaster of the stone pelting competition, while Geelani has asked the Government of India to make other arrangements if they were indeed secular and inclusive.