Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Gangs of Wasseypur - Version 2.0

17, Jan 2014 By Tuhin Rawat

It was a high time , politics of India was shaping it’s future under British regime. Ramadhir Singh’s clan ( Congress ) identified the true source of power, they captured the right place, at the right time and have enjoyed endless power for majority of time.


Another clan, Khan’s clan ( BJP ), being a laggard, was not being able to tap the source and missed the chance.It was not their fault, they were amateur when compared to Congress clan. They had to learn a lot ,in terms of handling politics and manipulating power in India.

Some of the eminent characters of the great Indian political tussle can be summarized in filmy style as :

1) Sardar Khan (Rising son of BJP Clan ) -> Narendra Modi : Struggler in life, not born with silver spoon, annoyed by Ramadhir Singh, is in a pursuit to ¬†avenge ,has vowed to talk trash till he doesn’t avenge the Ramadhir’s clan.

2) Nasir Ahmed (Right hand of BJP) -> RSS : A silent observer ,who is expert in handling life-threatening conditions in a polite manner. An ardent supporter of BJP clan.

3) Asgar( Right hand of Sardar Khan ) -> Rajnath Singh : Right hand of sardar khan , who firmly and cunningly placed Sardar at the right spot at the right time.

4) Definite -> Harshvardhan Singh : As definite says – “ladki ladka khabhi dost nahi ho sakte” , definite of BJP has done every thing to keep BJP and Delhi poles apart. Suffering from Chief Minister ¬†syndrome – a disease caused by missing post of chief minister by own strategic steps.

5) Perpendicular -> Digvijay Singh : Nobody knows, whose side he is. He loves offending helpless people. Arrogance in nature has been endorsed by Congress clan.

6) Ramadhir Singh -> A group of Ramadhir’s policy supporters – congress clan, a martyr group ,who fought for independence or fought for power, no one knows.

7) JP Singh ->Rahul Gandhi : Ramadhir once said ”¬†Tumse na hoga ” , JP Singh is a dumb pothead, a village crazy chap.When his clan has started crumbling around him, he is hopelessly dependent on mummy.

8) Ehsan Kureshi -> Manhoman Singh : Ramadhir once demanded truth – ” Ab to sach bol de bho#$%#$” . Kureshi always tries to bluff others with numbers and statistics, it has costed heavily to congress clan.

9) Sultan Kureshi -> Arvind Kejriwal : A honest slaughter of corruption by profession, he is notorious in chopping corrupt officials everyday. A rising threat to both the clans.