Friday, 27th April, 2018

Gaikwad prepares for pilot exam

08, Apr 2017 By Vipul Bishnoi

Mumbai: Shivsena MP Shari Ravindra Gaikwad starts preparing for pilot exam. He says i will fly again after becoming pilot of the plane. Air India has imposed ban on me to travel as a passenger. But they have not mentioned anything about flying their planes.

Sena speaker Sanjay Raut has welcomed this step. He said all facilities will be provided to Mr. Gaikwad to clear the exam. He added that special tutors will be arranged while Mr. Gaikwad will be traveling via trains. So that he has brakes in his parliament attendance. Shivsena chief Udhhav thakrey shown faith that Mr. gaikwad will definitely fly again.

Meanwhile twitter fans has suggested to Take and International flight and act sick like R. Madhwan in 3 Idiots when the plane is near delhi. BJP has kept silence on the issue.

Kapil Sharma has tweeted again to Narender modi, Is umar mein logon se pilot ki taiyari karwate ho? Kya yehi hain Achhe Din?