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Gadkari may nuke Pakistan

26, May 2014 By qrome

Gadkari said you need a 56 inch tummy to be brave like him

Considering the recent turn of events, Narendra Modi may decide to give Nitin Gadkari the post of the Defense Minister of India. This can be seen as a gift for the patriotism shown by Mr. Gadkari on national television by winning the cat fight with a not-so-known lunatic from Pakistan.

In a small press conference at the party office, BJP’s spokesperson Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi said, “This win is a star on the 56 inch chest of our Prime Minister. Now Pakistan will never ever ever ever dare to talk to us like that”.

It was a mood of celebration at the Nagpur party office. Mr. Nitin Gadkari was received by bursting crackers with atom bomb written on it. On being asked how was his feelings, he told,” I feel proud of what I have done, as I have always been in the past. Modi Ji has made a very wise decision in choosing me as the defense minister, because he knows that I have nothing to lose. If it’s a nuclear war, then be it. Every single thing in India may get destroyed, but India will still have my social enterprises and companies. Pakistan can’t harm them, because even I don’t know the exact loaction of these super secret places.”

In response to this we approached the ex-Prime Minister of India, Mr. Manmohan Singh, who observed a 2-minute silence in protest. Arvind Kejriwal went a step ahead and has decided to stay inside Tihar, by tactfully deciding not to give the bail amount for insulting the would be Defence Minister. He knows that Tihar will be one of the safest places to be inside India, if a war happens in near future.