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Gadkari Explains his Comment

05, Nov 2012 By Ujjal Choudhury

BJP President Nitin Gadkari today hastily issued a clarification to Faking News saying that the media had been quoting him out of context and when he said he was ready to face any probe he never meant that he was willing to face a proctoscopic probe as well.

Taking a cue from his public statement Faking News visited him this morning and challenged him to come along with their reporters to the venue of a probe.

Although Gadkari happily accompanied the Faking News team which was all prepared to record the probe he panicked when the famous Mumbai gastroenterologist whose chamber he was taken to asked him to take off his clothes in preparation for the procedure.

When he was told the reason for the request he said he had already undergone one such procedure during his liposuction surgery earlier in the year and had been found to be clean.

“In any case when I said I was willing to face any probe, I thought you would have the common sense to realize that it did not include a probe of this nature. You in the media always have a tendency of putting things out of context and reporting it to the public” he fumed at the FN team as he hastily left the place.

Faking News came to know that Gadkari has since been furiously calling up all politicians who have expressed their willingness to face any kind of probe, irrespective of their political affinity, and advising them to issue immediate clarification lest they should actually be constrained to face a proctoscopic probe.

One of the first to issue such clarification was Salman Khurshid who went on to add that as a legal person he would advise the media to note that one cannot “face” such a probe since it is administered from the opposite side of a person’s face.