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Gadkari appointed as an ambassador of both, Swachh Bharat Mission and Make In India initiatives of PM

06, May 2015 By cgulljon

New Delhi: Nitin Gadkari’s recent speech on Urine as fertilizer has to be taken very seriously as it provides invaluable impetus to the Prime Ministers two most publicized initiatives- ‘Swach Bharat Mission’ and ‘Make in India’ mission.

In fact, in one stroke Gadkari has hit two birds (or missions) with one stone (or 50 litre can)! Already we can imagine the changes which are going to be made in the two mentioned projects, some of which I have tried to capture below:

Suggestion One; Initiatives Two
Suggestion One; Initiatives Two

Swachh Bharat Mission: This campaign is clearly going to see a paradigm shift after Gadkari’s revelation. The problem of building toilets, educating people to use them & then maintaining them has all been removed in one stroke.

No need to build public toilets, all of us just need to go to the nearest park or garden to relieve ourselves. Imagine the crores of rupees saved. Imagine the amount of water saved by not having to irrigate the public parks, plants on the dividers, green areas etc. From now on all parks and gardens will have designated ‘Fertilizing Encolsures’ to allow the general public to provide liquid fertilizer when they feel the urge.

All ‘Public Conveniences’ will be renamed as ‘Fertilizer Collection Centers’ and all signs which tell us not to urinate in a particular place will be replaced with directions to the nearest park.

The men of this country will be the happiest as they no longer have to hide in corners or feel guilty about peeing in public places. I am sure most of us have seen the graffiti on walls ‘Gadhe ke poot, yahan mat moot’. These will most certainly be replaced by ‘Bharat ke poot, park mein moot’.

If you are feeling the urge and can’t find a park, don’t worry. Just walk up to the nearest house which has a garden or a few potted plants (most houses will fall in this category) and offer your services. I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms (rather, open plastic cans).

Make In India: Gadkari’s liquid fertilizer is 100 % Indian-made, natural, requires no manufacturing setup and is totally free to produce. In fact given the Indian Male’s propensity to dispense the liquid wherever and whenever, we may also have a surplus which can be exported. The demand for 50 lt. cans is expected to increase drastically, so Adani has decided to setup a manufacturing facility for these in Gujarat (another example of Make in India).

All said and done, thanks to Gadkari, we will now have bigger and better plants, fruits and vegetables (in some matters, size does matter) without incurring any extra cost, rather saving a lot of expense. Foreign tourists will be encouraged to contribute actively to this.

PS: Maybe this will be a good topic for the next edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’!