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Future plans of Congress after debacle in 16th LokSabha election

22, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi: After a historical defeat in freshly held general elections, it was time for Congress for some introspection. After a long meeting of Congress Working Committee, Congress president decided to reject resignation of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Congress leaders hailed leadership of Sonia Gandhi and her son for offering their resignations.

At meeting, Rahul Gandhi asking his mother to go for pee.

Although it seems that meeting was called to reject resignations only, but tricky minds of senior leaders were brainstorming to avoid defeat in next elections. FakingNews easily managed to get inside information by bribing a bribe addict congress leader.

Many senior congress leaders including cabinet ministers lost their seat; now they don’t have anything to do. So they expressed their willingness to work to strength organization at grass root level. It was decided at meeting that senior congress leaders will work in villages. As they are practically unemployed so they will apply for MNREGA card to work as labor for 100 days. This will send message among common people that congress leaders didn’t earn anything from infamous scams as they are working hard to earn money. One added advantage would be that this would make them physically fit  to tackle Modi.

As a labor, congress leaders would encourage and mobilize people to vote against BJP. Not only senior leaders but congress workers will follow this all over India. In meeting, attendees hoped that before 2019 congress would get enough support of people to get majority in next general election.

In meeting, it was also decided that Sonia Gandhi will be head of the coalition to form opposition in Lok Sabha. Only Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi will attack and counter attack modi government through words. Digvijay Singh and Sanjay Jha were not happy with decision but they have to be agreeing with it. After pressure from senior congress worker, Priyanka Gandhi took swore to wear saree till she would make her brother Prime Minister of India.

FakingNews reporter had to offer more money to access decisions about Rahul Gandhi taken in meeting. Earlier Rahul Gandhi was soon get merry as reported by FakingNews. But after his mother change her plan, it was decided that Rahul Gandhi will be sent to chhota bheem  de-addiction centre for two years and after which Rahul Gandhi would get merry to some Dalit girl to make base in dalit vote bank.

Meeting was concluded with Sonia Gandhi’s decision to use light pink colored curtains in congress office situated at Nagpur.