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Furious at media for showing other news, aam aadmi resigns

23, Feb 2014 By eesha

Last week, like every other week, one of our politicians committed an act that, frankly, only surprised him. But enough about Rajagopal. As soon as our favorite Chief Minister Aam Aadmi got word of the incident, he was furious at the media for straying from their focus on him. So, he decided to do something even more dramatic.

Mr. Kejriwal admitted that it was difficult to top ‘pepper spray in the Parliament’. But suddenly, while chewing on Orbit, it struck him. Resignation! It seemed like the only possible way to get Arnab to talk about him again, and the only possible solution to all that is wrong with Indian politics. So, the anarchist Chief Minister, in a Nike like fashion, just did it. But sources close to him say that he resigned because his Chief Ministerial duties were interfering with his dharna time.

It has been confirmed that the Political parties Association for Political Power Upliftment (PAPPU) has decided to permanently book the footpath outside Rail Bhavan, so that all political parties can make use of the venue to solve all the political issues plaguing the country. Mr. Kejriwal, in his interview, said that he will be making use of the footpath as his residence, till he finds a new one. Several other political parties have objected to this, saying he has no reason to use the footpath. But, to all of them, Kejriwal said, “Aam Aadmi jeetega”.

When questioned about what this resignation means for Somnath Bharati’s Batman-like deeds, Kejriwal said that he is The Dark Knight, and he will rise again. He always went on to say how proud he is of all the work that the party has done in 49 days- like, the dharna, racism, content for Arnab’s show, battling cough, popularizing mufflers and resigning.

A few things that Mr. Kejriwal has taught us: 1) Never underestimate the power of an Aam Aadmi; 2) The Constitution does not prescribe ‘white kurta-pyjama’ as a uniform for politicians; 3) Delhi is very cold; 4) You are not an Aam Aadmi unless you wear a cap which asserts that. But the two that are fundamental are: A) The Arvind Kejriwal way is always the right way, and all other ways are wrong; B) If you disagree, please refer to ‘A’.

In other news, that has overjoyed the entire nation, Kumar Vishwas has vowed not to write any more poems till India is corruption-free (in other words, till the end of time).

(P.S. Copyrights to the phrase “AAM AADMI” belong to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party. Any use of the phrase is purely fictitious and co-incidental.)