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From JL to JLo, Jayalalithaa to hit the gym to manage disproportionate assets

19, Oct 2014 By SNook

Chennai. Her fans and followers were in a tizzy as Jayalalithaa walked out of Parappana Agrahara Central Prison. What with bands, firecrackers and music it was nothing short of ecstasy. But Jaya is focussed on one goal alone – the gym.

Jennifer Lopez (JLo)
Jennifer Lopez

“I am grateful for the bail. These next two- three months are for serious exercising to manage my disproportionate assets. No paperwork and appeals for me anymore. I don’t need that anyway. The DA claim will be declared false and allegations baseless as soon as I pull down,” she told media.

Jaya’s obsession for the jewel was evident at her god son Sudhakaran’s wedding. But now it has reached an all-time high with her choosing Diamond’s gym over the popular Gold’s.

Diamond’s president Iyer has already set up the gym at Jaya’s house.

“Since the mountain won’t come to the gym, the gym must go to the mountain,” said Iyer, who was beside himself with joy. When he realized his blunder, a red-faced Iyer apologized saying he had slipped in his excitement. He meant to use the popular adage about Muhammed and the mountain since Jayalalithaa is confined to her house for three months now.

“Our exercise and diet strategy is ready to go. A changed Amma is going to appear before high court three months from now!” he continued. “We have arranged for Jennifer Lopez to fly down tomorrow. She will teach Amma a few moves and stay here until she (Jayalalithaa) tones down to Lopez’s size. From JL to JLo – that’s the ultimate target,” he added with a proud smile.

Style and music diva JLo was genuinely looking forward to this visit until she saw Jayalalithaa’s pictures on TV. Faking news captured an exclusive shot of her reaction (above). “I don’t know how my family will handle this terribly long stay in India… though it’s too late to go back on the contract with Diamond’s now,” she said with a tense half-smile.

The man behind the DA case, Subramanian Swamy, was unavailable for comment as he was busy burning some old history books. But Jaya took a jab all the same.

“The people who made the allegations will have to eat jail curd rice without the luxury of a food taster and that too at the most inauspicious time of the day,” Jayalalithaa looked into the camera and said with a smirk, obviously referring to her devastating time in prison.