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Forthcoming foreign policy

03, May 2014 By khakshar

The always amiss foreign policy in the manifesto of political parties is coming out in tits and bits.

Giriraj Singh has filed for withdrawal of all cases against him in light of  his “Pakistan Migration comments”. In his defense the Macho mustachio  has given a logic based upon proposed Hawkish  foreign policy.

In his affidavit he has stated that as most of Pakistan will be annexed by Bharat Mata so the question of deporting people will not be consequential. Much has been written about how Taxilla will be called western Bihar aka Eastern Pakistan. Bhutan seems to be another hot spot for BJP as BabuRao Mr.Paresh Rawal has stated earlier it as a state of India. 38000 sq. km of Aksai Chin will be brought back to India has been the chant of bhakts.

Many of AAP’s members do agree to  concede parts of India on opinion polls , SMS, Mohalla Sabhas and views of seminars. AAP members argue that more Foreign Investment will only be possible through Euro or Dollar donation.

The Congress meanwhile will explore and develop friendly  ties with Isle of Mann, Monaco, Luxembourg,  St.Kitts and financial institutions in these tax havens. As usual our main thrust will be on “Italy” says foreign affairs designate. Another focus area of the government will be quick arms purchase clarifies the maker of “Potent India Policy”.

Just before the posting Mr. Mulayam Singh Yada  has commented “AAE  HAV  to pahle se hi BOA  AHE hai ki chin ka viswas mat karo , sab KAAKHAO ko band KAAA dega AU diabetes PHAIAEGA  so aaag”.