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"Forget Modi, it's Didi" says Derek O'Brien

02, May 2014 By kakajo

Derek O'Brien
Derek O’Brien

As the recent days have suggested, the TMC and BJP are sharing definite blows with each other.

Faking News correspondent Rahul Singh who has recently changed his name to Jaspreet Singh to avert a certain embarrassment with his forename, being himself a political editor  met with Derek O’Brien who recently shot to ‘Sky-high’ fame for calling Modi, “The Butcher of Gujarat” for a political conversation. Transcript of the conversation as recorded by Jaspreet “Rahul” Singh,

Sir, what do you think about Modi claiming Gujarat more developed than West Bengal?

Well, I’m a quiz master myself, I am not a fool and I know a lot of facts myself.  I request Modi to take a map of India and see the eastern side of it and yes, “BAY OF BENGAL” is written widely on it. Now I would like to ask Modi “whether any place on earth has been named after Gujarat?”, but, we have a entire sea named after us… That is real development… We are also planning to rename Arabian Sea as “Bay of ‘West’ West Bengal” as it is in the west side of West Bengal itself. Anybody would understand that… We are planning a massive dharna just like the folks at Telangana did, yes we are going to do it… Can Modi do such a thing?

What about calling Modi, “The Butcher of Gujarat”?

See…, you are not smart by yourself, can I call him “Butcher of Haryana”?… Because, he is in Gujarat and I had to call him that way…(Laughs wittingly as if he has won a hard fought debate).

No sir, errr, not that part, why did you call him a Butcher?

I called him butcher because he left his own wife in jeopardy at a young age, what man would do that? At least to say that Rahul Gandhi is unmarried… to the extent that we have known about him…

Which model do you think is the best for your state?

We have Bipasha Basu, so we are happy with that, Gujarat does not have such models… uhmmm… (suddenly realizes his mistake)… haha, I was just kidding you (bluffs)… whether this model or the “development” model, West Bengal leads the way and Gujarat needs to learn from us as I have previously mentioned that Bay of Bengal which is named after “West Ben….

Sorry to interrupt sir but I have already heard that, one final question, do you think Modi wave exist in real?

I don’t think there is such a thing in West Bengal called “Modi Wave”… after all “Forget Modi, its Didi” from now on…