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For defeating communal forces in UP, Samajwadi Party to form pre poll alliance with Al-Qaeda

06, Sep 2014 By simplydimply

Mulayam Singh
“Al Qaeda is secular”

New Delhi- Samajwadi Party Supremo Mulayam Singh welcomed Al-Qaeda’s announcement of storming the largest democracy. Elated with the prospects of forging a pre-poll alliance with the nefarious terror group Mulayam called a press meet and laid out details for what might be a new nadir for Indian democracy.

“Al-qaeda is a secular and non violent organization founded by revered late Osama ji. They are fighting non- muslims all over the world, what can be more secular than this?. 9/11 was an example of their belief in non violence as not a single bullet was fired in such a big operation. I welcome them with open arms and invite them to enter a pre poll alliance with my party. This will help us defeat communal forces. Our common minimum program will include accomplishment of their holy purpose of exterminating kafirs through peaceful rioting and beheadings. After all kafirs will always be kafirs, non believers in the concept of jehad on earth for enjoying the lusty fruits of heaven. You see secularism is at risk and all secular forces must come together to avoid split in secular votes. Had Osama ji been alive he would have definitely accepted our proposal. I expect Al zawahri ji will not disappoint me and help save secularism. I will inform you as soon as we reach a seat sharing agreement with them,” an enthusiastic skull cap donning Mulayam singh told reporters.