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For better hair and skin texture, supporters threw eggs at Arvind Kejriwal

25, Mar 2014 By shivansh

Varanasi. AAP Leader, Arvind Kejriwal arrived in Varanasi on Tuesday to receive a warm welcome from his supporters, who expressed their concern for his falling hair and dry skin by throwing eggs at him.

They said that this was the only way to provide him proper skin treatment as he has been keeping very busy campaigning for the Lok Sabha Elections and not been able to find time to see the doctor.

“Aur maaro ande”

Speaking to our sources, Arvind’s wife said that he started losing hair since he joined politics and his skin has become rough. The family is delighted and rejuvenated with a hope that now Arvind will have silky hair and glowing skin when he returns from Varanasi.

Arvind was immediately rushed to the washroom, where water shower guns were fired at him. He broke his own record of staying without shower for 49 days.

“I am a common man, Modi has stolen my shampoo and skin cream,” said Arvind, pointing serious allegation. In reply, Modi confessed that he had to steal as he could not afford skin creams and shampoos like the Shehzada (Congress Prince).

In the meanwhile, Rahul Baba took a press conference to share his childhood stories where he used to get bullied by his tuition master. Things like popping eggs by sitting on them and making  omelets, had a serious impact on him.

Municipality commission has issued a warning against AAP for creating a mess on the stage with the eggs and ink. Party members are in full swing mode to clean the space with the Jhadoos.

Meanwhile the eggs thrown at Arvind Kejriwal have been taken to the hospital where doctors have put them on a ventilator.

It is said that one of the eggs may have suffered a miscarriage. Arvind’s supporters are planning similar acts to express their concern for his aching neck and bad throat.