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Football, FIFA and Indian Parliament

17, Jun 2014 By khakshar

Much has been said and written about the nomination of  Leader of Opposition and Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.  With precedence of no leader of opposition cited by many, some parties are sulking as “Saint Casilas, the famous Spanish Goalkeeper” did  after conceding Five goals against Holland. The Ruling party is also in mood to play “Football” in the name of Deputy Speaker.

It proposes to bypass the main opposition party, read here defender. In view of it’s less number of players in the Rajya Sabha, it is contemplating making a MP from smaller opposition party as Deputy Speaker(Deputy Referee)  of Lok Sabha. Of course it will make their passes more efficient  in RS in lieu of  the spadework in LS.

Considering these strategies the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs had convened a meeting of all  the parties. However sources revealed that with FIFA World cup catching up in India the discussion automatically moved towards Football and India’s much awaited qualification.

Many Lok Sabha members asked that India should be allowed to play with 5-4-2 (542) formation.  BSP members of Rajya Sabha suggested that the Goal Keeper should be from their Party as it has a penchant for “Zero” in the LS polls held recently. With it’s symbol “Elephant” in the Goal Post, it would be difficult to concede Goals. With the Left doing not so well, it’s right on “Left Wingers and stoppers”  has been hijacked by AAP.

The newly formed party wants Mr.Bhagwant Mann as the left striker. If any obstacle comes from the opposing team, he could charm them with his “stand up act”. With the opposing team laughing, goals will be galore. TMC was furious that it’s strikers like Mr.Derek  O’Brien were being neglected. With the right forward, winger and stopper booked by the Right wing Party, TMC was confused. In the nursery of Indian Football, it is seen as always opposing left.

Not to be left behind Mrs. Irani , the HRD minister suggested that “Butter Milk” will be added to the diet of the team. She also suggested “Yoga” will be included to ensure that the players are physically and mentally fit. The main opposition party was all the while sulking in the meeting. It’s leader said that we should play like Pandavas.

He further clarified that with his half-supremo’s escape velocity theory, his party’s nominees will be precise and accurate with clear moves to focus on winning.  A famous member of the the same party suffering from “mouth in the foot syndrome” warned the members of sipping anything from  road side “Tea Stall”.

Just in while TMC has walked out of the meeting, the Congress is still sulking and watching the replay of the famous own goal by Brazilian “Marcelo”.  Manoj Tiwari and Babul Supriyo are ready with their football theme songs.

Portion of Manoj Tiwari’s theme song

“Jiyo re Brazil ke Marcelo Bhai

Goan  MLA ke pakka hoi bidai

Delhi me andher me karia bilai

public khoje to technique lagai”