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Following corruption allegations, Manmohan Singh declares he was upholding the Indian “Chalta Hai” attitude

14, Sep 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

Delhi. Though Vinod Rai’s explosive statements may have rocked the nation, India’s ex-prime minister has been left scratching his head in confusion over the ruckus the revelation has created.

“I don’t understand,” Mr Singh has apparently told a close friend at a dinner party held last night celebrating the fact that Congress is now back in the game, albeit for all the wrong reasons. “I just thought I was upholding the Indian tradition of ‘sab kuch chalta hain bhai’.”

“Chalta hai”

“If I had known that studying economics would have made the people expect more of me as a leader, I would never have taken the role, yaar,” Mr Singh was overheard complaining. “Since when does a prime minister actually have to work and lead by example?”

Mr Singh has been characteristically silent throughout the entire ordeal, upholding his duty and friendship to Ms. Sonia Gandhi who was also heard at the same party expressing her satisfaction with how matters were shaping up. “Here, no news is bad news. I am just glad that we are in the limelight again and with my good friend Manni Singh taking all the flak of the nation, the Gandhi name remains untarnished!”

“Dhamakas are very important in politics and with Modi’s ‘ache din’ campaign, Congress can now counterattack the present day government with our “corruption ke dhamake har din’ campaign,” Ms Gandhi apparently proclaimed at an informal speech she made on impromptu at the celebratory affair.

“Arre, I am too spineless, ahem, I mean lazy to be corrupt,” was apparently Manni Singh’s last comment of the night as people started to leave the event to attend the match fixing scam next door. “As you can see, even now I am too lazy to make a statement on the matter!”