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FN walk and talk with Manmohan G

06, Jan 2014 By rofl gujju

(Many readers and fans of Faking News were unhappy with PMO and I&B ministry for not giving invitation to Faking news in press conference. After that PM office arranged special interaction with FN in evening.)

Pagal Patrakar (PP) – Editor in chief of Faking news – Walk and talk

PP – My guest today is, well, there are many ways to describe him—Robot, MMS, Sardar Shaheb etc., so let me ask Manmohan Singh which one does he prefer.

Manmohan – Call me MMS.

PP : Dear MMS , क्या आप राजनीती को अलविदा कहने जा रहे हो ?

MMS : नहीं तो, मेने तो “राजनीती” भी नहीं देखि और “कभी अलविदा न कहना” भी अभी तक नहीं देखि !

( Ohh, then PP start in English )

PP – Are you going to quit from active politics ?

MMS – सितारो से आगे जहा और भी है , अभी इशक़ के इम्तिहा और भी है.

PP – What you want to say about the falling of Indian economy ?

MMS – गिरेंगे तभी बढ्ढेंगे आगे ना.

PP – People don’t like your this habit sir , we ask you question in 2-3 line and you give answer in half line . Why ?

MMS – मिलेंगे परिंदो को मंजिल यह उनकी पर बोलते है, रहते है कुछ लोग खामोश पर उनकी हुनर बोलते है

PP – Who is your ideal politician and why ?

MMS – Of course my colleague Mr.Mukharjee, he has good sense of politics, कस्ती के डूबने से पहने उन्होंने नया किनारा सोध लिया और हम डूबती कस्ती में ही रहे गए .

PP – You made hard comment on the Modi in General Press conference but here in the special chance of interaction with FN you have golden opportunity to give clearance on that, because Modi supporters made hard comments you .

MMS – कुछ बात है कि हस्ती नहीं मिटटी हमारी, सदियो से रहा दुश्मन जमाना हमारा.

PP – Which is the best moment of your 25 year of political career ?

MMS – हज़ारो जवाबो से अच्छी है मेरी ख़ामोशी , न जाने कितने सवालो की आबरू रख ली / and also credit goes to FN for making it famous , Thanks PP .

PP – हम भी आपकी इशी अदा के दीवाने है . Thanks and Good luck.