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Five ill after eating broomy laddus following AAP victory

09, Dec 2013 By waxknor

A day after the historic debut and results  for the Aam Admi Party in the Delhi elections, a shocking incident of negligence has  been reported. 5 AAP workers  went ill reportedly after eating the ‘laddus’ being distributed by the party workers post winning the elections.

Moment of celebration.
AAP members celebrating victory.

According to reports, while the AAP workers were raising and shaking brooms in the air expressing happiness after the results, box of laddus were being passed over head apparently under these brooms.

This energetic and ecstatic shaking led to the filth and muck from the brooms to fall on the open laddus box and apparently season them. The trance of the victory did not make anything evident to the humble laddu eaters who started vomiting moments later.

Initial reports suggest that the brooms used during the celebration were used earlier in the morning to clean the city, and because of sudden shortage (when the results started coming in ), these gutter churned ‘jhaddos’ were desperately arranged at the last moment for victory celebration.

Report says, that the Aam Aadmi Party cancelled the victory lap of the Gole Market area with ‘brooms’ in their hands after the incident.

“This is so stupid, a party that is not even able to provide for clean ‘jhaddos’ to its workers is promising 20 liters of clean water to residents of the city,”  said Senior Leader, on condition of anonymity of the party (name) that received thrashing worse then what Ishant Sharma receives.

Faking News Reporter tried in vain to get first reaction from the party by asking one of the worker raising slogan outside party office.

“I am not raising party slogans, I am shouting in pain and agony because of a broken straw of broom in my eyes !” said the worker.