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First instance of price rise due to AAP recorded

09, Dec 2013 By none

Before the ink dries on the landslide deadlock that Aam Adami Party has created in Delhi, first instance of price rise is recorded due to the upcoming party.

The party fought the election on the symbol of ‘jhaadoo’ or broom sticks. The symbol symbolized clean up of India’s corrupt politics.

The party, based on grass root workers, outperformed most predictions about themselves. Riding on anti-incumbent sentiments against ruling Congress party and clean images of its leaders, the party had promised control of price rise to the inflation hit voters.

That is where irony comes in. No sooner than the news of good performance of the party in the hotly contested three-cornered elections broke out, there was a huge demand of brooms for celebrations, shooting price of brooms as high as Rs. 600/- (US dollars 10) a piece in some areas of Delhi.

Both the leaders and the followers of the party, which are difficult to tell apart, are taken aback by the opportunism shown by shrewd traders of Delhi.

“We can understand popular sentiments in favor of AAP but profiteering on AAP’s excuse is inexcusable!” said one of the supporters.

In the meanwhile, a well-known Indian woman author, who was supporting AAP till counting has registered a shrill protest against AAP. “This shows how fast people like Kejriwal change colors. So far they exploited the downtrodden Indians to come near to the power. As soon as they could sense the high offices within the reach, what we get? Shameless collusion with profiteers!”

When our correspondent asked her what made her change her views so fast, she claimed: “Oh, I supported AAP till yesterday because AAP was anti-establishment.”