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First ever bipartisan petition to Congress president – Make Rahul Gandhi the PM immediately

10, Sep 2013 By trishanku

For the first time in the history of independent India, the millions of supporters of both the principal political parties of the country on internet have joined hands to prepare a petition to Mrs Sonia Gandhi requesting her to agree to the suggestion of Dr Manmohan Singh and let him have an opportunity to work under Rahul Gandhi as the finance minister.

The country’s economy is in dire straits and only a young dynamic leader as PM can prevent its descent into an abyss says the petition. Dr Singh was a great success as the Finance Minister and ushered in bold economic reforms with the support of Mr P V Narasimha Rao and he can now carry these forward under the ‘guidance’ of Mr Rahul Gandhi.

The petition it seems has already got more than three million signatures and after the number reaches ten million it would be sent to the Congress President. The Congressmen are obviously delighted. It is reliably learnt that Mr Digvijay Singh is cajoling other general secretaries of Congress Party to announce relay-hunger strike at 10 Janpath till Rahul G is sworn in.

FN hired the journalists recently fired by IBN to unravel the real reasons for this unexpected development. A sample of what they discovered after ‘ethically’ hacking the e mails accounts of both #fekuexpress and #pappucii netizens reveals the truth :

#pappucii giggle group P1: Why have we been asked to support this petition? P2: We feel that RaGa becoming PM in 2013 is the best bet for NaMo becoming PM in 2014. P1: How? P2: Arre, ‘his state of mind’ within next six months will be the best publicity for NaMo.

#fekuexpress angrybirds group F1: Hey, why are we not waiting for the elections! MMS stepping down prematurely will spoil party’s chances in 2014. F2: Chances, after so many scams? What are you talking? F1 : So many bills passed to help the teeming hungry millions, still you have doubts? F2: Well the only chance for our heart’s desire to see RaGa as PM is NOW. At least the party can take pride that the four generations of a political dynasty have ruled India. A record unmatched by any other country! And who knows, he may strike gold in the process.

IBN sleuths have also informed that all the TV news channels are working behind the scenes to scuttle this bonhomie between the two parties which they, like FN, see as a great threat to their existence.