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Finally some recognition for Bharati; Khap Panchayat to felicitate him

27, Jan 2014 By trishanku

The law minister of Delhi Shri S.N.Bharati, who has been receiving very bad press for last week, has finally got a powerful admirer. The khAAP panchayat of village (name withheld for obvious reasons) of Haryana has unanimously decided to felicitate him for his great acts of social reform.

FN correspondent managed to speak safely for about two and a half minutes to Mr Khadag Singh, the representative of the panchayat when he was coming out of Bharti’s house after conveying him the good news. Some printable excerpts:

FN : What brought you here so late in the night, Sir.

K(shouting): What is your problem? Why are you loitering so late at night around the residence of the Law Minister? Modi’s agent? Bloody rascal. Should I call Bharati-ji?

FN: No sir, I am just a poor reporter in search of some good news. Please don’t get angry with me. It is my roji roti.

K : OK, OK. I wouldn’t raise my hand on an imbecile reporter.

(after some pause)

Well, searching for good news; here it is: Our khAAP has decided to felicitate Bharati-ji , a member of our affiliate AAP set up by our dear Haryana ka chora, , for his great acts of social reform. Now don’t you dare to question it; remember I am from khAAP!

FN: No sir, never. He deserves this for his heroic battle against the drug peddlers of South Delhi.

K: Oh stupid journalist! It is for the ‘treatment’ he organized for the ladies suspected of carrying drugs. That is called marad ka bacca. Am I wrong?

FN : No sir How can you be wrong?

K : Good for you!

And yours truly briskly walked away for filing this report to bring the good news to you.