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Filmfare Award be taken back from Raj Babbar: Chandan Mitra

28, Jul 2013 By journographer
Raj Babbar’s reaction on Chandra’s comments

Raj Babbar’s comment that a full meal in Mumbai can be bought at Rs. 5 received severe condemnation but the sternest comments came today from BJP MP Chandan Mitra. After demanding Nobel laureate Amartya Sen be stripped off his Bharat Ratna award, now Chandan Mitra insists that Raj Babbar should return his Filmfare Award.

The matter even more sensationalized when the Black Lady (read Filmfare) herself confirmed that Babbar has never won a Filmfare Award; he has been nominated once as Best Villain. Mr. Mitra then said that Raj Babbar must be removed from the list of nominees for the Best Villain Award that year. Reacting to Chandra’s comments  Raj Babbar said, “If my statement has pained someone then I regret it. Why mix my Political and Acting careers? :’(”

After the whole episode when Chandan Mitra expressed regret over his comments on Raj Babbar saying he “exaggerated it”. He also added that the Black Lady should be given a Nobel award for Peace!