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Fight breaks out between BJP and Hurriyat leaders at Pakistan Embassy

23, Mar 2015 By Bilal Bashir Bhat

New Delhi: Fight broke out between the Kashmiri separatists and BJP leaders during a function organized in view of the Pakistan Day at Pakistan High Commissioner’s office in New Delhi.

BJP leaders threw chairs injuring four security officers as tensions ran high as a speech was made by one of the prominent Hurriyat Leader regarding the Kashmir issue.

Shahid Kapoor
Reaction of a Kashmiri to the developments at Pakistan High Commission

During his speech, the Hurriyat leader castigated the BJP leader Subramanian Swami over his recent anti-Muslim comments regarding the Mosques. Eye-witnesses said that as soon as the leader concluded his speech, a man (possibly from BJP) tried to hurl a glass full of ‘Sharbat’ towards the said leader, however he escaped safe.

As the fight was going on, a little know leader from the separatist group went to the stage having mike in his hand shouted pro-Islamic slogans, with the intentions that he will be shown on national TV channels.

On the other hand the BJP men in return shouted ‘Bharat Mata ki jai!

“It was not wrong of me to have spoken and acting that way, I have no excuse, and I don’t regret having done so,” the assailant told media while leaving the function.

“These muggers have shown their real face by fighting in such a way, which is totally un-parliamentary, let me reach to Kashmir, a strike call is due!” said one of the chairman of three factions of Hurriyat Conference.

Taking strong note of the fight between separatists and BJP leaders, the Congress within no time in reaction said that, that it was a pre-planned conspiracy to malign the image of Indian leaders as the crowd had majority of Pakistanis and pro-Pakistanis from Kashmir.

(Don’t be serious, the above stated write up is a piece of satire, writer can be reached at or Bilal Bashir Bhat)