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Fed up of yearly onsite promises, employee decides to resign from an IT company and join BJP

18, May 2015 By Ankur Maheshwari

Bangalore: In a historical turnaround of events today, HRs of Dreamseller Solutions were taken aback by the extreme step taken by a loyal and an old employee.

Mr. Dreameshwar, who has been promised onsite opportunity on every appraisal meeting has finally decided to call it quits and join BJP instead. HRs are trying to understand this unexpected behavior as Mr. Dreameshwar has always demonstrated a normal manner, within the company’s code of conduct, since his last 5 years of employment. “Dreameshwar’s contributions are noteworthy in maintaining our bench

I have this big plans for BJP
I have this big plans for BJP, mainly revolving around Youth Empowerment.

strength. Promoting a healthy work culture, he has always filled his training time sheets to the exact required man hours. Dreameshwar took regular half hourly sutta breaks and extended lunch breaks. He always dreamed of traveling onsite like all our employees, we never thought in our wildest dreams that he would react in such a way to our normal onsite promises.” said Mr. Arameshwar, Head HR department. “Promising onsite opportunities in appraisal is a regular framework of our company culture. We need to keep our employees motivated and focused on their work. We do not understand how Dreameshwar got the time to think out of the bound. This is an alarm for us to restructure our incentives. So far we lost our talent only to our competitors, and we were least worried about it as we knew the capabilities of our employees. This however, is a niche and surprising trend which we were not prepared for”, added Arameshwar.

On a candid interview Mr. Dreameshwar mentions, “I was simply wasting my time in the organization. Look at BJP, politics is so cool! Within a year of becoming PM, Mr. Modi has traveled the entire world. That is so exciting. I always had a knack for politics and in my five years of experience with the company, I am sure, my talent has improved multi-fold times in this field.”

The political party is also overwhelmed with Dreameshwar’s decision and is currently introspecting on new strategies to attract the youth of the nation. “Currently we are focusing on youth empowerment as women empowerment is being taken care by almost everyone including politicians and actresses now a days. We have experimented with lots of Yojnas and Yatras in the past, but who would have thought that traveling abroad would do the trick. We are hopeful, that with our new “Abroad Rath Yatra”, we’ll become the largest party in India & abroad”, says a senior member on condition of anonymity.