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FDI cleared in poverty

08, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

Inspired by the  “state of the mind” speech and hailing that it surpassed the “speech of the Union”, the Union Cabinet, in an emergency meeting held last night cleared the proposal for 100% FDI in Poverty. Since most of the Cabinet members are in almost all the committees like EGOM, CCEA, FIPB etc; their approval was obtained across the table. Hailing this single window approval as an animal strategy for new governance standards, the PM said it will put to shame other governance models of various states.

The Salient features were explained by various Ministers.

The Home Minister said that 100% FDI in poverty is allowed provided the name of the entity reflects Indian culture and local sentiments.

Swiftly reacting to this MCDonalds , renamed their Indian operations as McBheems and also announced two new items McBoloo and MCDoloo, each priced at Rs.5.

KFC said that hereafter they would be known as DFC or Dholakpur Finger Chips.

Mr.Kapil Sibal said that this unique proposal entails “ZERO” investment in infrastructure, since the existing Mid day Meals Scheme and MNREGAS will be amalgamated with the new scheme on a “BOLT” basis i.e. ‘Bleed, Operate,Loot and Transfer’  and will be out of the purview of CAG.

The FM said that there is nothing to fear about the rupee/dollar slide. He added that the rupee stands abolished from the midnight of 15th,August 2013 and instead Food Coupons will be traded. They will be available in units of 1, 5 and 12 as suggested by the Babbar –Farooq Committee.

For better reach and coverage, all those who have submitted their IT returns for A.Y.2013-14 will get their refunds in the form of Food Coupons which can be traded and exchanged anywhere in the country.

All other Ministers are doing their homework, when reports last came in.