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Farooq Abdullah vows to demolish his 10 bungalows to provide stones to separatists

08, Dec 2016 By natasha

Farooq Abdullah, the ex CM of Jammu and Kashmir, recently expressed his support for terrorists separatists. In the same speech, he also pledged to demolish the 10 official (along with 20 unofficial) bungalows he owns for providing bricks and stones to the Hurriyat separatists.

The Abdullah family of J&K is well known for being more slippery than Navjot Singh Sidhu when it comes to political leanings. Apart from political party leanings, they also change the country they lean towards.

Farooq Abdullah also shows How to throw stones in a stylish way
Farooq Abdullah also shows how to throw stones in a stylish way

Farooq Abdullah (ex-CM) is the son of Sheikh Abdullah (ex-CM) and father of Omar Abdullah (also ex-CM). His family has squatted on almost 10 government properties in both Kashmir and Delhi since 1947. To show his commitment to the Azadi cause of Kashmiris, Farooq Abdullah will dismantle all these bungalows to provide stones to the stone pelters of Kashmir. He said, “Kashmir is not your father’s property that you can illegally occupy it, India. It is my father’s property. I pledge support to the Huriyat separatists, and will personally break all my bungalows to provide them the stones they need. We need to start a few lessons for stone throwers, so uh I’ll ask the central government for aid.” He concluded his speech by saying that they will fight for azadi as Kashmir is always marginalized by New Delhi.

The Huriyat separatists recently asked tourists to come and visit Kashmir, they also assured them that they will be safe. A tourist who visited Kashmir last month tell us of their experience, “I wanted to visit Syria because I’ve never been to a war zone. That was a little difficult so I went to Kashmir. It was surreal! Schools were burning, people were hiding in their homes. One side was throwing stones and bombs, and the other side was shooting pellets. One man was also throwing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on the police. It was like being in a video game!”

Like other states have brand ambassadors for tourism, separatist leader Geelani will be in the J&K ads. While the ad was being shot, Geelani tried to channel his inner Amitabh Bachchan. He also invited tourists to “Come breathe in a bit of Kashmir”, after which he had a coughing fit because of the smoke from a nearby school burning.