Friday, 27th April, 2018

Farmer thinks Modi's tenure is over, asks 'Where are achche din?'

05, Aug 2014 By mrbhat

After watching evening TV debates and hearing online discussions through his son, a farmer in a village thought Modi’s tenure is already over. “Modi had promised achche din. Where are they?”, he started yelling.

“They gave UPA 10 years but are unwilling to give me even few months. Sigh!”

He seemed extremely upset and had to be pacified by his neighbors that Modi is still in power. They also told him it’s just two months since Modi has come to power and he needs some more time.

Farmer is not ready to believe it’s two months, but instead, kept arguing it’s already five years since Modi came to power.

Our team tried talking to him. “Everybody in TV is asking achche din kahan hai? (where are achche din) Aren’t they asking it because Modi’s tenure is over already and another election is nearing? Do you want me to believe that these people are just in a hurry? These are educated people. They talk so well on TV. How can they be wrong? Are you trying to fool me? I feel like voting yesterday and five years are over already? Modi failed to deliver,” he cried.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that his son has stopped his father from watching TV discussions and he has stopped talking to his father about anything that happens in the internet world. “How do I know my father would take all these intellectuals so seriously?,” his son said in a sad voice.

When the last reports came in, this was turning out to be a mass hysteria as many others in his locality had followed his suit and were starting to believe that Modi’s tenure is already over.