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Fans want Rahul Gandhi's nomination torn and thrown away after Sachin got out on his entry

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai. If you think Namo-Namo chant was all the embarrassment that Rahul Gandhi had faced in Wankhede Studium , this might just surprise you. A team of agitated cricketing fans have directly reached Election commission office’s at the end of day’s play after Sachin got out soon on Rahul Gandhi’s entry to stadium.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul saying, “Will you plz stop bullshitting like me ?”

“Rahul brought along his aura which made Sachin to get out. It could have been anything, may be Sachin started to think batting is only state of mind and he got out. May be he thought cricket is in his shirt and pant and not cricket ground and got out. You know with RG in the frame, the possibilities are endless.” , said one of the protesters.

Sachin has rejected these claims but dedicated his dismissal to Rahul Gandhi. He further said, “people always wonder how I can get out to different new bowlers every now and then, its all inspired from the strange statements that Rahul manages to pull off in his speeches. “

Rahul Gandhi has denied all such accusations. He went on to say that these are infact Modi supporters in disguise. He added that Modi agents contacted these fans who were disturbed after Sachin dismissal and tried to to lure them to join the Modi bandwagon. This information was given to him by officers of Intelligence Bureau.