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Fans invite Rahul Gandhi to binge on Aloo Gobi Masala for an effective "Paad Yatra"

15, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Adilabad: In a bid to improve the efficiency of “Paad Yatra” being embarked upon by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, fans from across the nation have come out in support by organizing a binge eating program for him.

Faking News reporters spoke to Congress fans outside the party office in Adilabad, who gave us more information on the binge fest.

“Aloo Gobu Masala: Secret of any Paad Yatra’s success.”

“Rahulji has planned for a Paad Yatra which in itself is a big achievement for us. From our side, we’ve made arrangements for a surprise buffet full of gas inducing items like Aloo Mutter, Aloo Gobi Masala and Gobi Manchurian. It would be served with Mooli Parantha for obvious reasons. We’ve always supported our leader and believe that success of an ‘exhaust’ive yatra like this is in its spreading. We hope that this yatra would be a grand success!” said an overjoyed Hingoli Kumar as he saw Rahul walking towards the buffet hall.

To prevent the crowd from leaving the speech area, fences and gates have been locked while perfume vendors have lined up in the fence area to make some business as the yatra is all set to begin.

Sources say Rahul’s speech writers have made sure his speech is full of personal jibes and punch dialogues so that he can relieve himself amidst claps from the audience as he delivers them together.

We will have to wait for his speech to conclude in order to comment more on how good Rahul is at delivering multiple things together.