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FakingLeaks exposes AAP and Congress strategy for 2014

09, Jan 2014 By IndiaAnalyst

New Delhi (FTI): In a shocking event, recent FakingLeaks have exposed AAP and Congress party strategy for 2014. Here are the excerpts from FakingLeaks:

Date: 3rd Jan 2014, Time:Evening 9.30 pm

Imagined Attendees: Farjind Farjiwal, Ashant Dushan, Bogusendra Bhogav, Moneysh SuSudia, Sazisha Irmi, K Bakwas, RaGa (real name not available)

Transcripts: Farjiwal: Ok since now I CM what more you can (Raga) give me 2 big bunglows in heart of Delhi and more cash for 2014 campaign. Raga: We have renovated bunglows already.Don’t forget we have 2014 election coming up and you have to play Vote Cutter role for Congress to stop Modi. Please see on right side the powerpoint slide my servant created for us

#AAPCon strategy
2014 Gameplan

Bogusendra: No problems. We will tell people CM will work better with home and office being closer. Kaushambi bunglow helped us so much.

Moneysh:If people are really upset, we can always go back on our words and reject one of the bunglows claiming austerity and public sympathy. Sazisha: Similarly we will fake attacks and get the security and cars we rejected earlier. To hell with AAM we are now khaas people. Raga: I am happy that my investment in AAP and Media has paid off finally. Delhi was fooled and so will be India.

Ashant : We will make india a regressive, populist and communist NGO driven state where only AAP and Congress will rule. Anyways we had no agenda other than corruption. And please don’t worry about CWG or Dhiela Sixit’s corrption cases we wont touch them.

RaGa: Yes, I do remember about your Kashmir demand. But remember we can always pull the support.

Meanwhile, remember I have 5000 cr fund set aside for vote cutting activities. out of which I shall be using 500cr for my image makeover. Remember to support me as PM after 2014 election results. Or you may merge with us like the PRP of chirnajeevi after successful vote cutting. Each of you are guarenteed good posts in UPA3.

Sazisha: What about Delhi people and Delhi?

Farjiwal: What about it? Which Delhi? Who Delhi people.

Bhogusendra: I have been consultant to NAC, public memory is very short.

Bakwas: Jo log decide nahi kar paye aakhir tak unka to hum hi malik hai. Divide and Rule karenge aur kya!

Delhi public, esp. those who voted for AAP were horrified over this leak. There were some sane voices which said – “Hume AAM AADMI nahi ek ACCHA AADMI chahiye. AAP ko ab galti se bhi dobara vote nahi denge. Modi layenge Desh Bachayenge”.