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Faking news exclusive: Opinion poll on Gujarat election

11, Dec 2017 By rofl gujju

We, Faking news are not like the other paid media organizations which take money and announce seats to parties before the Election take place. We as an incredible media organization did an irresponsible opinion poll in Gujarat. Instead of predicting seats to parties, we tried to understand the issues of the various section of the Gujju voters. We conclude the following in our surveys:

Farmers:- Rahul Gandhi as CM candidate in Gujarat. Rahul demonstrated that potatoes can be converted into gold and so Farmers are hoping that Rahul Ji has the technology that can convert tomatoes into platinum and more.thequint%2F2017-11%2Ffe74c5cb-cb56-4840-a79a-148c56059528%2FScreen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.05.12 PM

Women:- Women demanding Smriti Irani as the CM candidate. Though Smriti ji is Rajysabha member from Gujarat, she spends more time in Amethi. Women of Gujarat not like any television daily soap after the Smriti ji left Kyuki Saans bhi Kabhi bahu thi. Women of Gujarat hoping that if Smriti became Chief Minister, They might get proper entertainment.


Engineering students:- They wish that new government should make mandatory tinder account to get admission with Aadhar. There are not enough professors in colleges and student have plenty of time to pass. So, Student believed that Tinder provides them a platform to good use of time to shape their social future after college life.

Businessmen:- They demanding that the next government should make mandatory for the tax official to watch a movie Sholay once in every month. Businessmen want that tax official should properly understand that who is Gabbar Singh.


Universal demand:- Government should remove all types of the GST on the Khaman and Dhokla. In addition, There shall be 50% subsidy on the Fafda and Jalebi. People believed that Fafda Jalebi gives energy to the body and it helps to boost up work efficiency of person to do work. So, There is a universal demand to remove tax and give subsidy to the Gujju Snacks.