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Facts about our politicians' computers

21, Jul 2013 By skysun

Personal Computer
Now we know it all

Faking news has exclusively found out some facts about our politicians’ computers. Here are some.

1. Dig Vijay Singh’s computer doesn’t have a recycle bin.

2. Raj Nath Singh’s computer doesn’t understand English.

3.  Speakers of Manmohan Singh’s Computer will always be in MUTE position and this setting can’t be changed.

4. Sonia Gandhi’s computer has remote desktop connection/control of Manmohan Singh’s computer

5. Kapil Sibal’s Keyboard’s Numpad  has only zeroes.

6. Jayalalitha’s and Karuandhi’s computers are inter-linked. When Jaya presses the ‘undo’ button on her computer, all actions done on karunandhi’s laptop are undone. Similarly, Karunanidhi can undo all operations on Jaya’s computer. Jaya can delete and destroy all projects files created by Karunanidhi and vice versa.

7. Mamta Banarjee (‘s computer) is infected by a virus.

8. Nitish Kumar doesn’t have a computer because Bihar is backward.

9.  Manish Tiwari’s computer hosts the servers of Oxford Dictionary Website. Microsoft Office Spelling and Grammar Check feature failed to install on his computer.

10. A. Raja doesn’t know how to connect his phone to his computer.


If you are wondering what’s there on Narendra Modi’s computer, Sorry – Faking News is Secular and won’t religiously peep into computers of people who don’t have secular credentials.