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Facing criticism, Salman Khurshid explains impotent comment on Modi

27, Feb 2014 By saaraan

Union Minister Salman Khurshid today explained that people were “being really mean and making fun of my accent”, when asked to explain why he had used the word impotent in referring to Narendra Modi.

“Sir, I only said that he was an importent leader.  This is an importent election in our history.  I was chewing paan at the time I made my speech so I was swallowing the letter “R” from all my words.  Please to excuse!”  he said.

Khurshid, who is the MP from Farrukhabad, also clarified that this paan-chewing habit combined with his accent has got him into trouble before.

“Whenever I was in my constituency, I had to be careful when I would use the word Fukkhabad (Farrukhabad) as people would misunderstand.

Switching to Hindi, he said the two words were very different. “Impotent ya impotent (importent) mein bahut fak (farak) hain.  Waise bhi, Fukkhabad (Farrukhabad) me ghand (gharaunda) hain.” He said, spitting a stream of red juice out of the car window.