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Exit poll percentage higher than the actual Delhi poll percentage

25, Apr 2017 By Ramsundar R

In a startling turn of events, it has come to light that more people had turned up for the exit poll conducted by the channel ‘India Gamma’ – than the actual Delhi Municipal Elections.

State Election Commissioner Mr. R.P Adithya in press release, informed the journalists that the final tally stood at 54% at 7 PM today after the polls were closed in all the polling stations across the capital state.mcd_election_1493005118_749x421

Surprising the Election Commission and the general public, Mr. Rohit Lal, Managing Editor of ‘India Gamma’ has revealed that the channel had reached out to more number of people than the city voters who came to cast their vote earlier today. According to the channel reports, it has reached out to 71% of the voters, showing a marked 17% higher turn-out than the actual poll percentage.

When Mr. Rohit was asked for a comment on the reason behind this spike in percentage, he credited his team of journalists for their exceptional field work.

“We ensured that we reach out to voters who were neglected by even the candidates in the poll fray. Our team was committed that every voice in the state should be heard. And, tonight you see the result of our hardship.”

Negative Fall-out:

However, this has caused an unexpected embarrassment for the channel in releasing the predictions for the concluded election. Local MLA Saketh Ram mocked the credibility of the channel’s experiment, saying, ” TV people had brought in people from outside Delhi to skew the exit polls in favour of the party they’re receiving money. Are they under the impression that the common man is a fool ? General Public will not fall for this. ”

Social Activist and Public Interest Litigator Prashant Ramasamy has filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court. He has requested the Magistrate that the exit poll results should not be declared until the actual poll results are declared.