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Exclusive Jhehelka tape leaked, reveals Rahul Gandhi talking to Advani

14, Sep 2013 By Sarcastic Krishna

Faking News Sources say a Jhehelka tape was found containing a heated conversation between Rahul Gandhi and Advani just before the announcement of the BJP’s Prime Minsterial candidate. Because of the heated conversation, much of the tape has caught fire fortunately, and so not the whole conversation can be heard.

The way the voices heard in the tape reveals that, the call has been made to a conference room of BJP headquarters, where the decision is being discussed about the Modis’ PM candidature by senior level ministers of BJP, including Advani.

Advani trying to talk to Rahul Gandhi

While Mr. Advani has accepted the call and was startled initially to find Rahul Gandhi as the caller, Rahul Gandhi has started requesting him to switch to speaker phone so that everybody in the conference room can listen to his pleads. In an imploring¬†tone, he asks in the speaker phone to please post-pone the decision of the Modi’s PM candidature, as the voices in his head says so.

Astonished with this, Advani asks Rahul Gandhi whether he can speak to Sonia Gandhi immediately!

“I am still unable to comprehend my standing in our party. I want to stand on my own foot. I do not want the help of my mummy.” says Rahul Gandhi in the speaker phone.

“Why don’t you please call your mom! You can decide later on whose foot you can stand upon? We can discuss about this along with your mummy, beta.” replies Advani.

“She is….. No…. I …. please begging you…. not to bring her into my mind. My state of mind is not good, just as the poverty is.” pleaded Rahul Gandhi.

“Oye! Pagal ho kya thu? Why did you call me? Don’t irritate me! Tell me what do you want?”¬†yells Advani.

“My state of mind says I will be a better PM than Modi. Modi cannot think of poverty as a state of mind. That’s why he is trying to eradicate it. But, I know that poverty should not be eradicated and put it in our mind as a state”. says Rahul.

The reply of Advani goes like this, ” Paagal……… Beshara………….”

Sources revealed that a small fire caught the tape while listening to it, and so were unable to transcribe it completely.

Later, our experts stated that, it is the anger of Advani that has resulted a fire, and since the recording equipment of Jhehelka has lost in that fire, they are going to sue Advani for his negligence over their equipment.