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EVMs did not work as it was a buggy prototype by Kejriwal

15, Mar 2017 By Alpana Dubey

Finally we got to know why Arvind Kejariwal is so critical of functioning of EVMs in Panjab Elections. He claims that there has been transfer of votes from AAP to Akalis.

Kejriwal's exclusively honest ballot
Kejriwal’s exclusively honest ballot

Actually, he has developed a prototype EVM during his college time that reportedly had some bugs. The prototype was counting the votes wrongly. Reports suggest, that he wanted to use the prototype machine in the favor of AAP. Thus after a lot of his push, he finally succeeded in getting the EVMs sold.

He got this deal with the help of AAP’s CM candidate in Panjab Bhagwant Mann and one of his friends who has significantly helped him making this buggy machine in his college time. But as the order of candidates are reshuffled on EVMs, the AAP candidate got placed on a wrong order. Therefore, even though he was successful getting these buggy machines sold to Election Commission for Panjab election, AAP could not win and the results were quite unexpected. Even the results have turn completely opposite for Bhagwant Mann who was not knowing these facts.

As the same lot of machines are going to be used in Delhi municipal corporation polls, which is AAP ruled state, he is quite sure that these malfunctioning machines will change the dynamic of Delhi election. As he is too embarrassed of accepting that these machine are actually from the buggy prototype he had built, he wants paper ballots in MCD elections.