Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

EVM can be hacked if I know the login credentials and keys

16, Apr 2017 By Vin

This is definitely not in a good taste to challenge people to hack EVM by only providing them the EVM. EC is missing the whole point which BSP or other loosing parties of recent elections are trying to make. They are trying to explain that EC has provided BJP all the credentials and keys. They can also hack the machine by using these which is what BJP doing it in every elections.  Now, EC is asking us to do it without these. First of all this is not fair. Secondly, it also establishes the fact that nobody can hack EVM which is not true.

When few members of BSP reached the EC officials, they even requested the steps to be given to them. They are not so sure if it needs software engineering or mechanical engineering to apply the hack. As usual, the most popular political party of Delhi requested for a demo and full day hands-on lab on how to install and uninstall EVM.

After hearing all these EC is thinking of publishing a guideline and EVM hacking steps to look for. They are also planning to produce a whitepaper providing all the details. After all why only one national party will get all the benefits.