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Everyone interviewed about Modi's one year, except Modi himself

28, May 2015 By MRP

New Delhi. An interesting situation has been created with almost everyone in the country being interviewed about Modi’s one year of rule, except Modi himself. Even as Modi is waiting everyday wearing new suits or sporting colourful kurtas for an interview, nobody seems to be interested in what he himself has to say about his one year of rule.

Seminars are being conducted at every street corner on the subject and TV channels are working overtime interviewing people everywhere, inside homes, outside homes, on terraces, even through windows when the crew were not let in. When a member of public who was called by a TV channel told the channel that he was at dinner, he was in turn asked if food tasted better during Modi’s rule. To which he replied that the food was indeed so good that he ate a lot and has been suffering from a bloated belly.  When another citizen was found bathing at the time of the call, he was asked if the soap was good under Modi’s rule, and the reply was that problem was with the weekly supply of water. The channel concluded that Modi got a fifty-fifty vote for his governance.

“Not even one person has asked me my view”
“Not even one person has asked me my view”

In cities, TV crew were chasing citizens on the streets for sound bytes. People were running helter skelter trying to get away from the media and some of them were not even aware that Modi had completed one year. College students who had never used public transport travelled even on the foot board of Delhi buses just to escape the interviewers. Some UP village women gestured that they were dumb, just to avoid the numerous channels asking them the same questions over and over. One farmer in MP who has already appeared on three national and two local TV channels has decided to charge the channels going forward. A municipal worker in Mumbai has been interviewed by the same channel again and again on the same day to check if his opinion changed as time went by.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Modi himself was getting frustrated that nobody has asked him for his own opinion of BJP’s one year rule. When his office called up a TV channel to find when they would interview Modi, the channel office replied that all the employees, from the chairman to the watchman were all out in the field conducting interviews and that, time permitting, one of them might even call on Mr. Modi on their rounds. A dejected Modi concluded that no one in India was interested in his views and decided to go on a twenty-day twelve nation tour to find out if the Indian diaspora in those countries would ask him about it.